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S01EP04. P2 From 3: Or Not Solo.

I love how his expression is just “WTF” for the entire set.

Bulkhead’s and Miko’s relationship in TFP was one of the best Human/Transformers relationships ever. Hell them, along with Raf/Bumble and Jack/Arcee really help to make the show as great as it is <3




I love this because you see Optimus aim right at dreadwing for a second, and then swing his aim up. Like, “I could shoot you in the face, but i think dropping a mountain on you is more appropriate. You know, to be sure.”

I would like to point out a few other things to go with this:

  1. Optimus Prime has given several instances to display how he would rather lay cover-fire than take what would effectively be a fatal shot on an enemy. When he encounters Dreadwing, Optimus proves to think that the Decepticon flier may someday turn against his allegiance to Prime’s enemy faction. He doesn’t want Dreadwing dead, he wants to slow him down and buy himself some time to get to the distant goal.

  2. A recurring theme with the Autobots in TFP was their need for energon conservation. By aiming at the iceberg and dropping fall-off sheets of ice onto Dreadwing, he has effectively slowed down his enemy with a single shot other than continuing to fire-shots that would expend greater energon reserves, or take Dreadwing’s life which he showed signs of choosing to avoid.

  3. Optimus makes this decision in a split second. For one moment he is ready to fire at Dreadwing’s helm, which could have very well killed his enemy and ended the current competition. Instead, he quickly raises weapons and fires after making a near-instantaneous tactical decision based on 1 & 2. It illustrates how quickly Optimus weighs his options and acts on the decision that best fits the needs of his immediate motives.



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